You've achieved remarkable success in your life

We ensure you maintain your edge as you get older

We are a best-in-class concierge health & wellness service tailored to improve your mind, body, and performance. We serve a very discreet clientele that demands outcome & the very best money can offer.

Results from our service include

Getting physically fit

Feel younger and healthier

Improved cognition

Higher libido

Lower cortisol levels

More energy

Our north star is to improve your physical & cognitive ability and to extend your healthy life expectancy.

Most people wait until it is too late.

Navigating health challenges beyond age 30

Around the age of 30, atrophy becomes a biological reality for most people. Our tissues, organs, and muscles begin to deteriorate over time unless we are proactive in preventing it. Despite being largely preventable, chronic illnesses now affect over 50% of the US population alone, with more than 70% of US adults either overweight or obese.

These issues lead to chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorders, and a range of physical and mental health challenges.

“We now know how to prevent fully 80% of all chronic disease and premature deaths in the US”

- David Katz, MD, MPH and Founder of True Health Initiative 

“Aging is the biggest risk factor for cancer, heart disease, and dementia.”

- Scientific American Magazine  Nov, 2023

Impact on health

Chronic health challenges impact not only your physical health but also your mental and emotional well-being. Joint pain, increased fatigue, cognitive slowdown—these are just a few of the consequences of leaving your health unchecked. The toll on your overall performance becomes undeniable.

Clients We Have Served

The SimpleWisdom Client Profile

Qualities that are shared by our exclusive clientele:

World's top biohacking and wellness optimization team

Our customized medical and wellness services are designed to give our discerning clientele that extra edge in a highly competitive world. We only work with a select group, and admission to our program is carefully vetted.
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Our Transformational Approach

We go beyond conventional wellness services. We guarantee a transformational journey that will redefine every facet of your life. With SimpleWisdom, you can expect life-enhancing transformation:

Immediate Boost

  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Mood
  • Better Sleep
  • Weight Management

Medium-Term Gains

  • Physical Fitness
  • Disease Risk Reduction
  • Improved Mental Health
  • Stress Management
  • Enhanced Relationships

Long-Term Gains

  • Healthy Longevity
  • Disease Prevention
  • Overall Quality of Life Improvement
  • Legacy & Impact

Our Bespoke Comprehensive Services​

Our Bespoke Comprehensive Services

We offer a customized set of highly vetted resources and tools to greatly improve the most important pillars  of your life. We refer to these pillars as Food, Exercise (body and brain), Mental Health, and Sleep

Comprehensive Health Assessment

Our comprehensive health assessment begins with a meticulous review of your medical history and blood work by our Harvard Medical School trained physician (MD). You’ll also have a consultation with our Functional Medicine Doctor, where your microbiome test results will be discussed.

The program includes recurring sessions with Neuroplasticians (brain trainers), certified Health Coaches, top Nutrutionists, a renowned Sleep Specialist, Stress Management experts, and more. All sessions are tailored for your individual body, goals, and sustainability.

Our progam includes Healthy Meal Delivery, Oura Ring, periodic Blood/Microbiome/DNA Testing services and more…


“Add years to your life and life to your years. Notable figures like Tom Brady, Jeff Bezos, and Brad Pitt are investing heavily in their personal health and wellness. Learn some of the secrets to their top performance.”
Although I lost 42 pounds and I think I look great, there is so much more. My blood pressure is lower; my cholesterol is lower; I listen to my body; I have more energy; way less stress; twice as productive as work; I have healthier relationships and I know I’ll live longer and happier. Thank you Gregg. The changes you’ve helped me attain are priceless and forever."

The Experience

Personalized livestream sessions with top health & wellness experts

Insight, resources, and concrete tactics in order to attain your optimal health & wellbeing and goals.

Completely tailored and entirely private

Simple Wisdom’s bespoke approach to world-class health and wellness provides you exclusive access to the top resources on the planet.

How To Apply

Ready to tee off

This is a very exclusive program for a select few.

Most who apply are not accepted. This is not a marketing tactic. In order to provide the highest level of service to our clientele, we are only able to work with a certain number of clients at any one time. We also only work with clients we believe are a good fit for the program. If you are not admitted we are happy to refer you to a wellness program that might be a better fit for you.

However, those who understand the importance of optimizing their foundational wellness and are determined to prosper in almost every facet of their lives… We encourage you to apply.

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