brain trainer​

Brain Trainer

Benefit: for improved mental acuity

sleep specialist​

Sleep specialist

Benefit: to improve your sleep quantity & quality

nutritionist ​


Benefit: in depth look at the best diet-nutrition plan for you

therapist ​


Benefit: primarily to reduce stress and/or anxiety

personal trainer​

Personal Trainer

Benefit: tailored for your individual body, goals, and sustainability

health coach​

Health Coach

Benefit: provides accountability, life/work issues-challenges, and to ensure forward momentum

healthy food delivery​

Healthy food delivery

Benefit: ensuring healthy and delicious eating plans DFY

oura ring​

Oura ring

Benefit: to monitor sleep and other key health metrics

dna test​

DNA test

Benefit: quickly and easily understanding about health risks and predispositions

bloodwork ​


Benefit: determining your risk status for disease and conditions.

phlebotomist ​


Benefit: collect blood for testing from home or office

microbiome testing​

Microbiome Testing

Benefit: These tests can give the person an idea of the types and amounts of microorganisms in their gut.

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